Life Goes on…

Today I was caught

Again by a random thoughts..

The thought was what if tomorrow,

You leave me alone, and say now cover the remaining journey on your own…

Then suddenly second thought in my mind plays..

Come on my friend come on what that thought says..

It’s life.. If allice goes then sallice will come.. Let’s don’t loose hope because life always goes on..

Author: abhishektrehan

I am off course a human. So are we common? Yes we are on extrinsic parameters. Do we experience same? No we don't. Complicated? Let's make it simple. How? By sharing our thoughts. Let it be logical or imaginary, domestic or global, Hindi or English. But sharing thoughts is the key. This will help us to add our understanding of who we are. And to reach the ultimate status where we decode that we are same on both parameters intrinsically and extrinsicaly..

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